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Why choose Safarine ?

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By proposing private tours, Safarine doesn’t focus on volume but on the quality and safety. Safarine creates original, hight quality and highly elaborated offers at a reasonable cost.
Specialised in Kanchanaburi province, rich of history and magnificent landscapes, Safarine provides you with the best of the nature, culture and make you love the inhabitants of a Thailand still preserved.

Safarine is a local company, licensed the tourism Authority of Thailand [1], which desires to offer every customer a personal and unique vision of the Kanchanaburi province and traditional Thailand.
Safarine provides only private trips for which you have your own English or French speaking guide and your own comfortable vehicle. It is the best way to enjoy every moments in this wonderful and well preserved region. All our guides are Thai, licenced by TAT , and have a perfect knowledge of the province.
The sites that we want you to discover are originals. The accommodations and the restaurants have been carefully selected. Our will is to give you a tour of the most beautiful sites of Kanchanaburi and to help you to learn more about the Thai culture.
We have been working for many years now and we know many pleasant places and the appropriate means to avoid most of the peak season concerning some very touristic sites that are well worth visiting (Erawan or Hindat for example).
All costs are included in our tours: transportation from your hotel in Kanchanaburi city, entry fees, activity fees, meals and beverages (excluding alcoholic beverages and personal expenses). This means that you will not have to pay any supplement to enjoy our service.

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[1Tourism Authority of Thailand : to work in the tourism sector, Safarine Tours, as all legal agencies or companies, must have the Touristic License of Thailand, issued by the Ministry of Tourism. This licence certifies that the company meets all the legal requirements for working in this sector, like having a liability insurance for instance. Only the customers of companies which holds a license issued by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) can benefit from legal coverage for an eventual appeal. Safarine Tours holds the license n° 14/03149.

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Who are we ?