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Tham Lot Noi and Tham Lot Yai caves

Tham Lot Noi and Tham Lot Yai caves

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The stalagmites of Tham Lot Noi [1] et Tham Lot Yai [2] are among the largest stalagmites in the world. These caves are located in the Tham Lot National Park, known as Chaloem Rattanakosin [3] National Park. Tham Than Lot National Park has an area of 54 km 2 which embraces pristine forest, waterfalls and caves. Tham Lot Noi and Tham Lot Yai are accessible by a two and a half kilometer trail along a stream.

If the main attraction of this national park is its large caves with giant stalagmites, magnificent landscapes are offered to view as a life-size panorama with the waterfall of Tri Trong (น้ำตก ตรี ตรอง) arising in the great primary rainforest.
The national park also offers trekking routes and camping facilities.
The ideal time of the year to visit the caves runs from February to April. It is essential to use the services of a parkkeeper as a guide.

Tham Lot Yai

Tham Lot Yai

This cave also known locally as Tham Yai Tham Lot.
Besides its majestic stalactites the cave was inhabited during prehistory and turned into a museum of nature
The archaeological site of Tham Lot Yai consists of a natural stone arch called sinkhole. The lower floor of the cave is sixty meters long, forty meters wide and forty meters high with huge holes in the ceiling, through which the sun shines. This light has allowed large trees to grow on the floor of the cave.
On one side, on a wall, one can notice a color painting of the king of Nagas who, according to folklore karen, lived in the cave.
The cave is also an old cemetery filled with skeletons that are exposed to the archaeological museum as part of the Royal Project in Huay Ongkot, in the district of Nong Prue in Kanchanaburi.

Tham Lot Noi

Tham Tan Lot Noi

The cave is about three hundred meters long, with a stream running through it all year long. It is illuminated by solar photocells located above the top of the cave. it is three hundred yards from the park office.

Phrynoidis aspera

In the course are the lives Phrynoidis Asper called jong Khong (จงโคร่ง) in Thai, which is the largest toad found in Thailand during the rainy season, breeding season, his cries resound like a puppy.

[1Tham Lot Noi (ถ้ำ ธาร ลอด น้อย)

[2Tham Lot Yai (ถ้ำ ธาร ลอด ใหญ่)

[3Chaloem Rattanakosin - อุทยานแห่งชาติ เฉลิม รัตนโกสินทร์